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Tiny Trackers (Level 1 - 3s, 4s, &/or 5s)

Tiny Trackers learn simple truths through verse memory, Bible lessons, illustrative stories, and puppet shows. Tiny Trackers teaches these simple truths by teaching a special word found in their memory verse. That special word is taught through a memory verse, a short story, a puppet show, and a Bible lesson.

Scripture Spies (Level 2 - Lower Elementary)

Scripture Spies learn biblical truth through Scripture memory, Bible-based lessons, personal devotions, and games. Each Wednesday night, Truth Trackers targets a certain doctrinal topic and teaches that truth to the children. All the verses, devotions, and lessons are focused to help teach the children to know and apply that truth.

Faith Force(Level 3 - Upper Elementary)

When the children advance to Faith Force, they learn the same biblical truth as the Scripture Spies through review, additional memory verses, personal devotions, and Bible-based lessons. Their club night also teaches a certain doctrinal topic and teaches the children to know and apply that truth.


Who can be in Scripture Spies and Faith Force?

Scripture Spies is for lower elementary, and Faith Force is for upper elementary.

What materials do the Scripture Spies and Faith Force children own?

The Scripture Spies children purchase a Scripture Spies Memory Book used for the entire year, and the Faith Force children purchase a Faith Force Memory Book also used for the entire year. Another book that both Scripture Spies and Faith Force purchase is the Truth Trackers Devotional Book. The children purchase three of these devotional books throughout the year.

What happens during Scripture Spies and Faith Force?

Scripture Spies and Faith Force are made up of four different segments: Devotional Time, Memory Time, Lesson Time, and Game Time.  Every day during the week, the children have Devotional Time; and on the night of Truth Trackers, the children have Memory Time, Lesson Time, and Game Time.

The Scripture Spies and Faith Force devotions, verses, and lessons are divided into thirty weeks. As you look at the Memory Book and Devotional Book samples, you can see a numbered week at the top of the page. Your club will need to print off a schedule for the year to tape in the Memory Book. This helps the child and the parents match the week number with the correct date.

This also helps the club stay together on the devotions, verses, and lessons. Here is an example of a schedule:

Week 11, October 7
Week 12, October 14
Week 13, October 21

Also on the example memory books, you will see the week number printed. Below the number is the doctrine and the specific topic the club is studying that week.

There are six doctrines the children cover in one year. Below you can see a chart which explains what doctrines the children will be learning each year. You will also notice the books are not numbered by grade but are distinguished by color. That is because all grades go through the same material at the same time. The Scripture Spies cover the same doctrine as the Faith Force. The Faith Force material is a little more advanced. Their lesson and verses are deeper and more difficult.

One year your club may be going through the green books, which cover the doctrines of Salvation, God Created, The Bible, Growing Spiritually, The World, and The Future. All the Scripture Spies would have a green Scripture Spies Memory Book with the green Truth Trackers Devotional Books, and the Faith Force would all have a green Faith Force Memory Book with the green Truth Trackers Devotional Books.

Green Books

Red Books

Blue Books

  1. Salvation
  2. God Created
  3. The Bible
  4. Growing Spiritually
  5. Temptation
  6. The Futur
  1. My Struggles
  2. The Law
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. God’s Goodness
  5. Solving Problems
  6. Evil Forces
  1. God’s Nature
  2. God’s Greatness
  3. Christ’s Death
  4. Prayer
  5. Trials
  6. Holy Spirit

Can I view any examples of the Memory Book and the Devotional Book?

Yes, click here for the samples. 


Who can be in Tiny Trackers?

Tiny Trackers is a program for children 3s, 4s, &/or 5s.


What happens during Tiny Trackers?

Tiny Trackers was designed to differ from the Scripture Spies  and Faith Force. The older children focus more on repetitive verse memory and progressive doctrinal learning. Because of their age, the Tiny Trackers do not have repetitive verse memory, and they learn simpler doctrinal truths.

In Tiny Trackers, the children memorize one verse per week. The topic for the week comes from that verse, as does the lesson, illustrative story, and puppet show. All the children in Tiny Trackers purchase a memory book  which contains their

There are a total of thirty weeks of Tiny Trackers verses, stories, puppet shows, and Bible stories. At the beginning of the year, those weeks will need to be put on a calendar and given to the parents of the children.topic and their verse for the week. The topic for the children is a word found in their memory verse. For instance, one week the children will learn about the word “Others.” They learn what that word means, and they have a Bible story to illustrate that word. Their verse (part of Phil 2:4) uses that word and a puppet show helps the children learn more about that word.