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The children receive awards for reciting verses and completing their devotions. Some of the awards are given weekly, some are given every 5-6 weeks, and some are given at the end of the year. Below is a description of the Scripture Spies and Faith Force awards. 





Truth Tracker Stamps

The child who completes his verse memory section in the Memory Book for that week receives a Truth Tracker Stamp in his book.

This is a weekly award.

The child will receive a Truth Tracker Stamp to be used for the Truth Tracker store prizes. (Look below)

Devotional Award

The child completes his Devotional Book (one of three for the year).

This award is given three times a year after a child completes each of his devotional books

The child will receive a Bible Pin or Tag to put on his Bible cover or bag.

Doctrine Award

The child completes the memory verses for the weeks that make up a doctrine. (Example: The child has completed the memory sections for the doctrine “The Bible.”)

This award is given every time the club finishes a doctrine (approx every 5 to 6 weeks).

The child will receive a Doctrine Pin or Tag to place on his Bible Cover or bag.

Faithful Tracker Award

The child completes the six doctrines for that year in his Memory Book.

This award is given at the end of the year.

The child receives a Faithful Tracker medallion.

Spoudazo Award {spoo-dad'-zo} (2 Tim 2:15) 

The child has finished all three of his books for the three years he is in his program.

This award is given at the end of his three years in that program.

The child will receive the Spoudazo Trophy.

Stamps for the store

A chart in the child's book is stamped when the child says his/her verse and do their weekly devotional. The stamps are used as a weekly incentive whereby the children can accumulate a certain number of stamps to be used to purchase  something from the Truth Trackers’ club store. 

The Truth Trackers’ club store is stocked by your club with inexpensive toys and gifts. Your club can either order these from a catalog or you may want to ask for donations from your church members. The children can come to the store once a month to purchase a toy or gift with their stamps. 

Scripture Spies Backpack Bags 

The pins received by the Scripture Spies can be pinned onto their Scripture Spies Backpack Bag. They receive these pins for completing all their sections in a doctrine. If they are in Scripture Spies all three years, they will receive a total of 18 pins to put on their backpack bag.

Faith Force Bible Covers

The tags received by the Faith Force can be put onto their Bible Covers. They receive these tags for completing all their sections in a doctrine. If they are in Faith Force all three years they will receive a total of 18 tags to put on their Bible Covers.

End of the Year

The Faithful Tracker Award and the Spoudazo Award {spoo-dad'-zo}  are given at the end of the Truth Trackers year in an awards ceremony. Spoudazo is the Greek word for diligence and is used in 2 Timothy 2:15. “Study [be diligent] to show yourself approved to God…”