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Bible Memorization

Life Questions/Bible Answers

Children have life questions. They don’t need only to know true answers, but they need to memorize the Bible verses that give those answers. Truth Trackers provides a memory program which gives Bible answers to life’s questions. Does your child know God’s answers to life’s questions?

The Truth Trackers’ memory method is a systematic, responsive memory program.


A number of years ago, we gathered core verses we believed all Christians should memorize. Then we organized those verses into a catechism format and further separated those verses into 18 doctrines.

The 18-doctrine division allows families and churches to memorize and review the verses over two three-year periods (every three years). Every year Truth Trackers Clubs learns and reviews six of those doctrines. The Club memorizes the life questions and Bible answers, and the Club learns the truths of those six doctrines through daily devotions and Club lessons. Organizing these doctrines in this fashion is beneficial because it allows parents and church leaders to know exactly what the children are memorizing. Most parents and churches have children memorize a lot of verses without any real organization. By the time a child grows up, most parents and churches can only hope their children know the core verses to life’s questions. This program allows families and churches to have an organized, purposeful approach to Bible memory. Families and church members no longer have to memorize randomly, but now they can use Truth Trackers and memorize together.


As children grow up and face trials, temptations, and spiritual challenges, they will have life questions. Why not equip them at a young age to answer those questions straight from the Bible?

In Truth Trackers, like catechism, the question asked presents the truth we desire the child to learn, but the difference between catechism and our program is the answer a child gives in Truth Trackers is actually given by quoting a verse. 

When you use this approach, you don’t just know what somebody else says the Bible teaches, you have memorized God’s own words about that subject. 

Also, children will no longer say, “May I have the first word?” With the responsive approach, the question is the stimulus for them to say the verse. A parent or leader says the question, and the child quotes from memory the answer he has memorized with that question. 


The Truth Trackers memory program requires a child to memorize only one verse a week.

This small requirement is purposeful. Our goal is to increase the quality of Scripture memory, not just the quantity. 

However, the children review by repeating the previous week’s verses. In other words, their verses are progressively cumulative. We designed the verses this way to facilitate long-term memory. The best memory programs are not ones which have you spit out a quick verse, but they are ones which repeat verses for a number of weeks.