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Bible Memory 1

Truth Trackers systematically and purposefully disciples children by teaching them the core doctrines of the Christian faith through Bible MemoryBible Devotions, and Bible Lessons.

Bible Memory: Truth Trackers provides a memory program to help children memorize God’s Word.

The qualities of Truth Trackers Bible Memory

  • Organized, systematic, and purposeful
  • Designed to facilitate long-term memory
  • Qualitative, repetitive verse memory
  • Structured so the whole family can memorize together.
  • Easy for kids to tie their memory verse to a doctrinal truth because of the catechism-format
  • Children memorize doctrinal truth by memorizing scripture
  • Corresponds to the doctrinal topic their daily devotions and weekly lesson teach
  • Age appropriate expectations
  • Cool, exciting awards

To learn more about our Scripture memory program and philosophy, click here.

To see sample materials of the memory books, click here.