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Club Guide

You can download the entire Club Guide here.

The Leadership               

This individual is in charge of directing and administrating the club night, the leaders, and the children of a particular division.

Game Director
The Game Director plans and prepares games for the children to play each night.
This person's main responsibility is to organize and have an activity planned for the children every week. Whether they are planning a verse review game or a large group game time, this individual needs to have activities planned for the children.

The main responsibility of a leader is to have adults interact, oversee, and mentor the children. The leaders are in charge of the children's small groups. One of the best ways to disciple individuals, no matter if they are adults or children, is to have personal mentors. Throughout the night, the leader stays with their small group during the Game Time, Lesson Time, and Memory Time. They listen to verses, lead the small group, and assist the Director/Teacher in anyway they can.

The Secretary works with the director to maintain and organize the records.


The Club Calendar

A calendar needs to be established to help your club stay on track with their Bible memory, Bible devotions, and Bible lessons. Also, this calendar will help your club plan Friend Nights and Family Activities. This calendar should be put in the Family Memory Guide and be taped into each child's memory book.

There are three types of calendars your clubs can setup. Here's an example of Calendar #1, a 31 week program, and Calendar #2, a 34 week program, and Calendar #3 (not shown), a 40 week program.


First, notice all calendars start with Week 0. This night the children will get their books, be instructed how the program works, and learn what they need to do for the next week when the program officially begins. 

Club Suggestion: Your club may want to invite the parents to this first night to walk through the night and to see what the children learn and do on a typical Truth Trackers night. Parents are responsible before God to disciple their children, and this is a great way to show parents how you are assisting them and how they can use the Truth Trackers program to disciple their children.

You will want to establish the nights that you cannot have Truth Trackers. You might have events like Christmas break, revival meetings, missions conferences that you cannot have Truth Trackers.

Also, you will want to plan any special Truth Trackers events you want to have throughout the year. Some of these nights may include: Friend Nights, Family Blast Activities, Quiz Nights, and an Awards Program.

The club and curriculum is intended to run from the fall until the spring. Truth Trackers has 30 weeks of Bible memory, Bible Devotions, and Bible Lessons. If you add the first week, Week 0, you have a 31 week calendar; however, you can extend your calendar to be a 34 week calendar or even a 40 week calendar.

The way you can do this is by having your special nights of evangelism, called Friend Nights, be separate nights from the regular Truth Trackers night, and also by having review nights.

For a 31 week calendar, these nights would be on a regular Truth Trackers night. Notice on the example calendar above how the Friend Night is scheduled for Oct 17. That night is also Week 6 for Bible Memory, Bible Devotions, and Bible Lessons.

For a 34 week calendar, three Friend Nights are scheduled on separate nights from your regular Truth Trackers program. Notice on the example calendar above how the Friend Night is scheduled for Oct 17. There is no Bible memory or Bible lessons scheduled for that week (extra weeks of devotions can be found on the Truth Trackers forum for your club to print off for the children). That night is solely devoted to evangelism.

For a 40 week calendar, your club will add a review night after each doctrine is completed. That will add six nights to the year. So the 31 weeks + the 3 Friend Nights + the 6 review nights = 40 nights of Truth Trackers.