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How do you address evangelism and visitors in Truth Trackers?

Truth Trackers is a discipleship program for children. By that we mean that we focus both on the first step of discipleship, which is becoming a believer, and on the continued walk in Christ, which is progressively growing spiritually. We believe the first step of discipleship is a very important step. Our approach to evangelism is different than most children's programs. We use two strategic methods to evangelize the children.

Forgiven Tract

The Forgiven Tract is the entrance tract the children go through to enter the program. Every child must personally sit down with a leader and go through this tract. When a child comes to Truth Trackers for the first time, a leader sits down with the visitor during the memory time and reads through the Forgiven Tract with the child.

The goal of the Forgiven Tract is simply to give the child the Gospel. First the leader turns to the back of the tract and explains the requirements to enter the program. His/her name is written in the tract, and the expectations and rewards are explained.

The tract is designed so that a child can easily fulfill the requirements. There are two requirements written on the back of the tract. Requirement 1 is completed when a child reads through the tract with a leader. The child and leader both sign this. After the completion of Requirement 1 the child will go to the registration desk and receive an award. Requirement 2 is completed when the child returns home and reads through the tract with a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian signs Requirement 2 and then when the child returns the next week, the leader signs Requirement 2. The child will also receive an award for completing this Requirement.

This is not only an opportunity for the leader to assist a child in completing the tract, but also, and most importantly, we want to help this child understand his or her need for Jesus Christ. We do not encourage the leaders to push a child into a decision or scare him/her into a decision. This is not a time to call for a decision, but rather leaders can use this time to help the child understand God's Word and to make themselves available for future counsel. This is also a great opportunity to enter into the home of that visitor and talk with the parent (who has read through the tract with their child) about the gospel.

After the child has completed the Forgiven Tract, he can purchase materials to enter into the program.

Friend Nights

Friend Nights are special nights set aside by your club to evangelize the children's friends and neighbors. Your club will schedule three friend nights somewhere in your yearly calendar. These nights either replace or fall on the same night as Truth Trackers*. This allows for your church to have a children's evangelism night every season: fall, winter, spring, and summer (if you have VBS). These nights are special Truth Trackers nights for evangelization. A theme can be picked and prizes can be award to children who bring the most visitors. Many churches have seen these nights be fruitful nights of strategic and focused evangelism for their church.

*If you need your program to go more than 30 weeks, three or four Friend Nights can give your children a make up week and give you a 33 to 34 week program.