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First Steps

What steps should you take to make Truth Trackers your church’s Wednesday discipleship program?

Step One

Understand the Program. Read through the philosophy and methods of Truth Trackers. Throughout this website, you can receive all that information.

Step Two

Email or call us. We would love to answer any questions you have after reading through our website. Also, watch the YouTube/DVD video for direction on how to understand our program and on how to organize your own club. The Club Guide is also helpful to read during during this step.

Step Three

Present the ministry to your church. It is important for them to ask questions and have their questions answered. Churches have found it profitable to show samples of the material to parents and invite them to explore the Truth Trackers website. The sample materials help the church see the quality of the publications, and the website helps them understand the philosophy and methods of Truth Trackers.

Step Four

Order your materials from the Truth Trackers Store. Starting in July, the materials are ready for you to order for your fall club start. Plan to get all your materials at the beginning of the year. This helps us and you.